The Bressay Lullaby

Baloo, balilli, baloo balilli
Baloo, balilli, balooli ba.

Gae awa peerie fairies (x3)
Fae oor bairn noo.

Dan come da bonnie angels (x3)
Ta wir peerie bairn.

Dey’ll sheen ower da cradle (x3)
O wir peerie bairn.

: child
Da: the
Dan: then
Dey’ll: they will
Fae: from
Ower: over
Peerie: little
Sheen: shine
Ta: to

This appears in the “wee red book”, the 101 Scottish Songs of 1962, edited by Norman Buchan, who quotes his source as The Shetland Folk Book, vol.1.
He adds that it was “noted down by Mrs. E.J. Smith, Sandness, Shetland from her mother’s singing."