In Your Honour

by Anice Gilland

I'll charge my glass in your honour
Here's a toast to all freens here
May your days be filled with beauty
And your night-times without fear

May you always walk a straight path
May your music ay be sweet
And, throughout your lifetime
Your hearth be stacked wi peat

Here's tae the joy of freenship
Here's tae the freendly jo
An hope that all your lifetime
A joyous road you'll go

So, a toast to a here present
A thocht for a those by
A prayer gien for the future
Tae a kindly, watchfu eye

So let's raise a glass for Auld Lang Syne
For freenship doon the years
An tae those that's yet to come
May their days be withoot tears

May they always walk a straight path
May their music aye be sweet
And throughout their lifetimes
Their hearths be stacked with peat

And throughout your lifetime
Your hearth be stacked with peat

Ay: always
By: past
Freen: friend
Jo: sweetheart, friend

About this song Anice says: “One New Year I realised that the Scots didn’t really have any ‘blessing’ songs such as the Irish have in such abundance. This is the result.”

Anice who writes, performs and teaches amongst other musical activities was “singing before she could stand at family gatherings in her native Port Seton.” She has been a member of Sangschule for at least 15 years, runs the Almond Valley folk club in Midcalder and the West Lothian Songwriters group. Her website is http/